Trying a little hand quilting

Trying out some hand quilting

I decided to try hand quilting my latte cup into a mug rug today. Who wants to spend half an hour quilting it on a machine when I could spend HOURS doing it by hand? Me. That’s who. Let’s face it, I’m not getting much sewing in at home these days. I’m just not getting on the machine for some reason. So, rather than not do anything, I thought I’d hand stitch. It’s easy and reminds me of crocheting – just one stitch at a time. It keeps my hands busy and mind quiet.

I looked up some hand quilting techniques and tried a few – like rocking the stitch or whatever it’s called. I didn’t like how big the stitches turned out. So, one at a time it is. I don’t mind. It goes by quickly.

I have had a few false starts, so I pulled the stitches out and started over several times. I’m just starting again, so I’ll show you my progress tomorrow.

I am using some thread I bought a very long time ago – way back when we lived in Maple Ridge. It’s 100% silk and wrapped on a thin, long spool. I think the colour may be too light, but I’m going to keep using it. I think it will make for some nice texture along the outside of the cup. Next time I’m at the Dressew, I’ll see if they have any more of it – just in a darker colour.

In unrelated news, if someone you know has a gastrointestinal bug, and that person tells you he’s feeling better after a couple of days of NOT feeling well at all, and that person asks for pudding, I think it’s totally okay to buy that person some of this.



He ate it. He must really be on the mend.


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