Waiting with pie

Mike and the pieWhile waiting on the front steps of the He-Man-Way’s house with the pie, we took some some photos as we waited for them to answer the door. And waited and waited. Mike sent them texts of us with the pie out front of heir house to hurry up the process, but it turned out that they were taking care of the kids and didn’t have thier cell phones handy. What the? Then Scott said, “Why didn’t you call us on our house phone? We would have heard it ring upstairs.” Crazy talk. People still have house phones? Who knew?

Here’s another pie photo on the front steps.

Pie in the dark

I just used a simple, traditional pie filling recipe, and used roasted sweet pumpkins instead of canned pumpkin. I found an organic one the other day and I find they taste pumpkin-y-er. I actually made 2 of them so we can take 1 over to my buddy, Iris’, for dinner tomorrow. We gave ourselves a “Cheat Meal” today – we’ll do that for special occasions, so we could eat potatoes and stuffing (with white bread.).

Keeping with the traditional theme, I spent nearly the entire day making a feast. A feast that included:


mashed potatoes, whipped sweet potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and gravy. Not shown: turkey. It was quite a feast. It took all day to make and about 15 minutes to eat. The good news is we have plenty of leftovers for lunches this week. I’ve already frozen the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes for a different Saturday. But we’ve got turkey and sprouts for days.


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