Well. I didn’t expect that.

All hand sewn.I’m nearly done this table runner. It’s all hand sewn. Every. Last. Piece. I’ve got a few more hexies to sew on to the back as I had some extras and I don’t think I’ll use them for any other projects. I just wanted to use them up. I had no idea that I would be spending so much time on this thing. Also, it needs a wash. You can see some washable felt pen marks on it.

I felt strongly that I needed to finish all the half and quarter finished projects that I’ve got piling up in my sewing room. Just finish them whether they are perfect or not. It also made me think that I should take more care when selecting projects in the future? Maybe?

What’s gotten into me? YIKES! I don’t know!

ANYWAY, even though this hexagon project went well, I found a few improvements that could be made in the future and I did like to do the hand stitching on the top very much! I think I want to practice several different stitches – I guess that would be embroidery – because for this project, I only did the straight stitch. I think I’d like to learn more embroidery stitches and add them to my quilting projects. It’s very calming…just the thread…and the fabric…and it looks nicer and nicer as it goes along. I don’t think I’ll add any more embroidery to this piece. Sometimes I just don’t know when to quit and things get over done. I won’t do that to this table runner – it’s busy enough.

Here is something else I wasn’t expecting to turn out well – Cauliflower Pizza Crust. WHAT THE WHAT? I know! It sounds terrible, and yet I still felt compelled to try this recipe. Even Mike was pleasantly surprised by the end result and said, “We can have pizza on non-cheat days!”. SHOCKING. He’s a good sport with all my experiments – mostly so he can tease me about them afterward – but this one was really pretty great. It’s an easy recipe, just a bit labour intensive when it comes to squeezing out the cooked cauliflower, so you need some time to do that. I did not document this pizza because I assumed it would not turn out, and this was a mistake made by me. Instead, here’s Mike’s empty dinner plate. Just imagine a lovely, ground beef and orange pepper pizza sitting here:

It’s been a pretty successful Sunday.

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