A day of portraits

Truck coming behind you.

I took over 700 photos today…over 500 of them were at the Alice in Wonderland play my buddy, Fiona, is directing. I just have to tell you, if you ever think the arts are not going to survive, just go to one high school play and you will see that there are people who love and can’t wait to keep the arts alive! In music! And dancing! And acting! And plays…as in, acting live, no retakes, no photoshop, just people who have taken the time to memorize so many lines and put on make up, and help each other. NOW, I’ve got photos of all those things, but I have to wait to get permission from everyone before I put any of those photos on my blog. It’s the right thing to do! I can’t wait to show you. I took all kinds of portraits at that play. It was lovely. I was the only one taking photos and could just go wherever I pleased. That is quite the privilege. I am so glad I got to do it.

After the play, I headed home to rest (because I think I’ve got a cold coming on…or something is up, but I refuse to be allergic to anything, so I’ve decided it’s a low grade cold), but got an invitation to go on a photowalk with Mike & Scott. They took me to a waste water pond and then to an overpass so we could take photos of the traffic coming off the Alex Fraser Bridge. Boy. Do they know how to show a gal a good time or what?

The men setting up

Even though I took photos of the cars zooming below us (ZZZZzzzz) I found it much more fun to take photos of Mike & Scott.

I brought my lensbaby and my 50 mm. I opted out of a tripod because I knew I’d have to hand hold my camera – lensbabys are tough to focus on a tripod. I was hoping to get lots of groovy bokeh photos. Here are my grooviest:

Scott in his element

Scott, who could NOT be happier to be standing on an overpass, in the chilly wind, taking photos of cars…which, as it got darker, became just trails of lights, which, was actually pretty cool.

Mike also had  his tripod out AND his gopro:

Mike with the Go Pro. FUN!

Mike also couldn’t be happier taking photos in the cold of cars and 18 wheeler trucks as they drove by. We were in an industrial area and I counted 3 semis for Canada Bread drive by us. That’s a lot of bread to be transporting around.

Mike couldn't be happier, either.

So, the ONLY photo I took of the traffic that I liked was this one:

Falling stars

Falling stars! It’s just traffic after the sun went down (the red streaks are the rear lights of cars) and the stars above that are a combination of street lights and some lights from the bridge.

I think I’m just going to stick with candid portraits. I like them the very best.

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