A girl with a rake

Earlier this month, when we were in Calgary, my mom said,

“You don’t mind if I give these dishes to Allison, do you?”

Now. Keep in mind, Allison is very, very cute. Not to mention, very, very clever, and if she had asked me if she could have them, I think I may have been unable to say no. So, I consider myself very lucky that this opportunity came my way. They are the dishes from when I was a kid. I forgot all about them. But once I saw them, I had to take them home with me.

My childhood dishes.

The dish set includes a cute little mug, a bowl with a girl holding a hoe, an egg cup and a plate with Humpty Dumpty on it. Adorable. I’m going to somehow display them in the kitchen, I think. Maybe in a shadow box. I’ll have to figure something out. That egg cup sure is cute.

I think it’s important to remember just how cute Allison is. For example:

This was not an easy decision.

Let’s change the subject from my selfish choice over to a public service announcement. Never leave your cutting board and knife unattended for a second while you’re taking photos.

What the? I didn’t even hear him jump up there. I was putting the dishes back on the counter and when I turned around, he appeared there.



  1. Brenda Hancock says:

    On the subject of the dishes…….a very special keepsake of your childhood. I love the idea of displaying them in your kitchen in a shadowbox. They are so ‘folkart’ looking. You better get back to Audrey’s to see what else she has safeguarded for you. It’s a Mum thing! My Mum did the same for me and I’m glad she did!

    On the subject of Allison…….adorable! Melissa was flower girl at our wedding one week before her 4th birthday . The photographer took her picture at my home before the service and she was standing beside sheers. I’m not sure if I have the picture or if Sharon chose it. I’m motivated to look for it now.

    On the subject of your PSA……..perhaps the cat wanted to ‘cut the cheese’—–SNORT! 😀

  2. Marnie says:

    Oh, I would totally keep the dishes, Carol. Allison is very cute. So I can see how tough the decision was. But you definitely, have to display them in your kitchen. That’s so awesome that your mom kept them for you!

  3. Sherri says:

    OMG I had those dishes when I was a kid too. I remember Ba Ba Black Sheep and Little Boy Blue. I wonder what ever happened to them. I’ll have to ask my mom maybe she knows or even better has them in the back of some cupboard.

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