A lovely postcard & cherry blossoms spotted!

A lovely postcard I received in the mail from Lelainia in a postcard swap. :-)

See! Told you that she makes awesome envelopes! I got this postcard in the mail yesterday from Lalainia at tattered edge. She took this photo of a Dresden Plate block she made – with needleturn applique. Very, very fancy! Those are vintage scissors, too.

On the flip side, the message included a suggestion that I think I’ll take:

Grow things you like to eat, even if it’s just a small container on a patio somewhere.

We just happen to have a little patio out back. I think I’ll grow a small herb garden this summer. I think they’re nearly done the windows and the work they had to do around the windows on the outside is pretty close to being finished, so we can hose down the patio, pick the weeks out from between the bricks and do a little planting. I’d also like to get a pot of bamboo. I know there’s a bamboo place out in the Valley somewhere. I’m sure I could get a nice sized pot and then we can hear it in the summer making that “Sssssshhhh” noise when the windows are open. Yup. We can keep the windows open because we have SCREENS! Unheard of out West! But yes, we have brand new screens on the windows.

Guess what? I scouted a cherry blossom tree in mid-bloom by the King George Skytrain Station this morning.

Cherry Blossoms spotted at the skytrain!

I’ll come back and take proper photos later this week. The pink colour is deep and beautiful. And apparently soon, we’ll see plenty more. I’ve heard rumours that Surrey is FULL of cherry blossoms. I cannot wait to document them!

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