A Man Down

We've got a man down.A quick peek out the backyard to see if it had snowed yet revealed mass destruction. Well, not maybe not mass destruction. Two garden ornaments had tipped over. I can’t imagine how it happened. It turned out that it had snowed the tiniest bit, but it was quickly washed away by the rain. I don’t think it could count as snow, really. Just a very, very light dusting. Oh well. The big cold snap of 2014 (in Vancouver) is officially over and we can go back to normal, January weather. RAIN. It’s okay. I’m used to it. And we have a lovely day off today to get acclimate.

I think this is the first Family Day long weekend I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Actually, it’s the second one. I guess last Family Day was not too memorable. In any event, a day off in February! Glorious! We’ve been celebrating our Family Day by doing our usual TV watching with Donner on our laps. Oscar rarely snuggles – it’s just not his thing. Along with watching the always exciting Freestyle Skiing where the Canadians won AGAIN! Mike found a British TV show called, The Misfits. It’s about some juvenile delinquents (I don’t think people use that term anymore. Just know they are badly behaved teenagers doing community service in England) with a science fiction twist. I like it.

And I’m hand stitching more 2 inch squares into approximately 9 inch squares.

It’s a good day.

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