A pit of crocodiles

A pit of crocodiles.

I’m not sure what I ate yesterday, because I ate everything yesterday. Oof. Faturday. I woke up not feeling so hot, and that feeling followed me around for the whole day. It will be an early night for me. In fact, it’s not quite 7 pm and I could go to bed for the night RIGHT. NOW.

This is a photo was taken at crocodile farm in Africa back in the 80’s. This is a frightening sight, but even more spooky out in the wild. We saw crocodiles all the time we were in Zimbabwe whenever we were on a boat. Crocodiles were everywhere. At night, out on the house boat, it was pitch black on Lake Kariba and we would shine a flashlight into the darkness. There were eyes in the water…sometimes a few sets, sometimes 10 or more. You could see the glowing orbs in the darkness. EEP! We just made sure to be super careful and to make lots of noise if/when we got off the boat. I played it safe. I just never left the boat at night. Good thing there was a tiny bathroom on the boat AND the option to hang over the edge of the boat in a real pinch (just hang on to the ladder handles). Mrs. Swift told us to make is sound like fish jumping in the water when we went. Heh. Tricks of the trade!

Also for your viewing pleasure today, a photo of my mom, me,  and my sister in the way back machine.


I think we’re in Germany and I think my sister is wearing Lederhosen.

When in Rome!

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