Advent story, day 6 – How about them apples?

I arrived at the bakery at 6:00 am sharp to find Baker Frank and Mike feeding apples to a horse. The horse was pulling a buggy with a Christmas tree in the back.

Carol: Good morning guys!

Mike & Frank: Good morning! We’re feeding Tooter some apples!

Mike: I love feeding apples to horses!

Frank: I made a trade in the fall with the guy that has an apple orchard in the country. I traded him all sorts of baked goods for two huge crates of apples.

Carol: That horse’s name is Tooter? Heh. Hi Tooter! Heeheee! Tooter!

Frank: This is Tommy. He works with Paul, the Christmas tree salesman. Paul helped me fix up the bakery after our most recent Donnersaurus Rex incident.

Carol: Hi Tommy! Nice to meet you! This is a great set up you’ve got here. You transport Christmas trees around in an old fashioned buggy. How quaint!

Tommy: Yup. It’s a great marketing gig – everyone wants to buy Christmas trees from the guy with the horse and buggy. This is my winter job. Tooter and I work for the circus during the spring and summer months. I’m a trick pony rider! Watch!

I watched in amazement while Tommy did tricks on Tooter’s back:

Tommy: Tada! Thank you very much!

Carol: Tommy, you are amazing! You and Tooter are the very first circus performers I’ve ever met. Here, Tooter! Have another apple!

Tommy: Well, I’d better get going. Tooter’s had about 10 apples and I need to get this tree over to Paul’s tree lot. I’ll see you guys later!

Carol: Bye Tommy! It was great to meet you! Hey Frank, did you say have had tons of apples?

Frank: Yup. Why?

Carol: How about I try a recipe for Santa Clause using your apples? I was at a Christmas Market recently and had delicious dessert called Brataepfel – a special German baked apple – they serve especially around Christmas time. Maybe Santa would like something a bit more, um, healthy when he visits us this year?

Frank: Well…I don’t usually like to let someone use my kitchen like this, but I suppose I could let you do this just once.

Carol: Why don’t you and Mike go hang out somewhere while I work on this dessert?

Frank & Mike: Okay. Here. Take these apples!

Carol: Thanks! Bye guys! I’ll let you know when you can come back to try this delicious dessert!

I waved to them as I walked into Frank’s kitchen and tried to remember all the ingredients in the baked apple. There were nuts and raisins, cinnamon, some ginger…oh, and a delicious vanilla sauce that was heavily drizzled all over the hot baked apple. Mmmm…in my mind’s eye, I could see the steam rising off the apple in the cold winter afternoon. It really was a delicious treat.

I got cracking on coring the apples and putting together all the ingredients to put in the oven. Just then, Frank crashed my baked apple party:

Carol: Just you wait, Frank! Once the vanilla sauce is on it, you’ll be begging for my recipe!

And with that, I got to work on the vanilla sauce…



  1. Leah says:

    Baked Apples! A traditional Christmas recipie? Who knew?
    I have been hankering after baked apples. In my fantasy I am having them for breakfast. I was thinking of putting cottage cheeze in where the core used to be (with cinnamon and raisens).

    In Emma, Mr. Woodhouse entreats Mrs. Bates to have her apples baked three times so they would be more digestable. That encourages me to believe they could be reheated, but perhaps without the cheeze in them.

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