Aerial Views

Aerial Views

I’m not sure what I like best about these photos. It could be the heart print of my nightgown, or my blue toenails (that polish has lasted a long time) or Oscar looking like a koi fish at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden – which reminds me, we need to go there for Halloween. SPOOKY times! I think koi fish win.

I found this mini ironing board today on my lunch hour and lugged it back home on the skytrain tonight. I think it will work perfectly in our living room on a $10 side table we have in the shed. I’ll dig it out, clean it up and give it a try.

Little ironing board

Recently Mike & I have acquired grown up clothes that require plenty of ironing – clothes with collars and things. They really do look awful all wrinkly. SO, on Sunday nights while we’re watching several hours of netflix and Boardwalk Empire, I can iron up our clothes for the following week. Whoa. Now I’m setting up an ironing system. CRAZY. And I can prep and iron things for my quilting projects as well. This is quite a step up from the times I only used my iron to wax my cross-country skis. That’s a true story and my mom was NOT impressed.

And, I’ve started decorating.

In the entraceI think this really needs some Halloween bunting underneath.

I’ll get my iron out and start pressing some prairie points.

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