All fisheye, all the time

Fisheye Mike

This afternoon we were invited to a BBQ. On the way there, we stopped at the post office. Yup. The post office was open on a Sunday on the long weekend. What’s up, Canada Post? Thanks so much! I got to play with my new fisheye adapter lens in the backyard. Oh. And in the car (as shown above.).

I didn’t take any photos of anyone at the BBQ just because I thought I read somewhere that taking photos of people with a fisheye can often be NOT flattering. But I’ve done a little research tonight and that’s not necessarily the case. I’m going use this lens for a few weeks and see if I can get some mad fisheye skillz.

Our friends have a beautiful backyard with plenty of flowers. And a pretty fence. I love the distortion of the edges with this lens.

Orange flowers on the fence.

I took one look at this fence and realized I needed to make a photo with an inspirational quote on it.

With the help of the internets, I found the perfect flower inspirational quote.

All the flowers

I found it in a few places, but could not find the source of the saying other than, “An Indian Proverb”. I’m not quite sure what that means (it was listed under Indian as, “First Nations” and as East Asian). I’m not sure which culture created this, but it’s a lovely sentiment, nonetheless.

One more day of good times on the long weekend! Yah! Another day to sleep in.


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