All in our places with sun-shiny faces


This safety harness has been dangling outside our door for two days. Either the window guys forgot all about it or this is a signal of some sort. And I checked – there’s no one dangling from anything in our general vicinity. We’ve been talking to the window guys in the mornings and they still need to put up trim on the outside and seal the inside of the windows. Installing windows is not as easy you’d think. Those dudes have been working on the windows in the complex for ages – hanging in and out of windows and going up and down in the cherry picker trying to ignore the people in their rooms getting ready for work. Also the one window man showed us photos of his cats – one of which got stuck in the ceiling and he had to cut a big square out of the ceiling to get the little guy out. He had photos on his phone of him pulling the cat out of the hole. His other cat? Bigger than Oscar. No way that big kitty was going to get stuck up in the ceiling.

Thank goodness everyone else is where they’re supposed to be in this house!

Donner on the stairs

Donner was on the stairs, looking tiny, but relaxed because he already had dinner.

Mike was right where I left him…

Right where I left him.

And Oscar wanted me to take his photo. He was in a posey mood. Also calm after eating his dinner.

Oh hai!

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