And, over to my right…

It's the Fallout 4 guy.

This has been my view from the couch since Christmas. Mike loves his game console and plays Fallout 4 every chance he gets. I’m usually surfing the internets, so I don’t really pay attention to what’s happening – just the odd monster getting blown to bits and that a nice German Shepard dog follows him around in the post apocalyptic world he’s wandering around in. One of Mike’s buddies on Facebook pointed out that the majority of the game is scavenging stuff – finding lots of junk to make into other stuff. Now whenever I want to bug Mike about the game, I ask him how many bobby pins he’s collected. HEH. Just so you know, it’s WAY more than 46. UPDATE: He has 161 bobby pins. He was just bragging about it to his friends. He uses them to pick locks. And apparently, screws are tough to find in this game, so you’ve always got to keep an eye out for those.

All this game playing is perfect for me because I just go upstairs and sew on my sewing machine. Tonight I made a fancy block called, “London Stairs”. I decided to look up why it’s called that and according to the Field Guide for Quilts, a pattern maker called, Nancy Cabot created it for a newspaper article in 1934.


They published quilt patterns in the paper? I need to research Nancy Cabot some more!

Here is 3 inches of London Stairs:

London Stairs!

And my tiny quilt is getting a litttttttllllleee bit bigger:

Adding up!

I know that big one on the top middle doesn’t seem like it will fit in, but that’s the bonus block, so I’m sure it will be just fine.

It will fit in somewhere.

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