Another kitchen machine

But this one is most definitely necessary. Another coffee maker, but this one is different – it makes one coffee at a time.

Instead of spending my birthday cash on a fancy pedicure – sorry, Viet Nails, I’ll have to come back another time – I picked up this coffee maker that makes coffee one cup at a time. Mike and I are working different shifts these days, so wasted half pots of coffee are a thing of the past. I also picked up a little cup so we can use our own ground coffee instead of using those little plastic cups.

I needed plenty of coffee tonight as I was editing and resizing the finish line photos for the Knee Knacker last weekend. I used photoshop on the robot mode of resizing, which is a great tool to have. I just had to leave the computer alone to do that, but it worked out perfectly. They’re uploaded now, but I think they just have to be approved before they are available for people to view.

Did I mention I had to yell sometimes at the finish line? I really did! I had to yell for people to get out of the way of the finish line…a lot! I even yelled at the organizer of the event. Whoops. But he totally understood. Heh. Yelling at people really isn’t my style. I feel much more at ease standing quietly in the background. Or on the accordion bus. Oh no! Did I just type that?


  1. Brenda says:

    We have a tassimo machine which I absolutely live! Tea for me and coffee for him. I wish we could use our own tea/coffe. Those little pucks are getting pricey !

  2. Brenda says:

    Btw ….. Yelling is just an efficient way to grasp attention to the immediacy of the situation ! 😉

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