Another sign on a post on the street

It may be time to get some new material when I have the title, “Another sign on a post on the street”. Actually, this is a fire hydrant.


Maniac, indeed. I was just going through my schedule for next week. OI. My time will be pressed, that’s for sure. This weekend I’m going to make sure to get extra rest. I’ll be out 4 nights – some days for work. Some with friends. Man. I keep thinking things are going to slow down, but no dice. Hopefully, the week after next it will start to slow down.

Sadly, I’m going to be missing Quilting Bee next week. UGH. I’m trying no to think about it.

In other news, the kitties are as bad as ever = maniacs. I found a package of treats under the cupboard that had been pushed all the way under the cupboard…and the bottom was all chewed out. They must have opened up the door on the cupboard where we keep their food and treats when we were not around/paying attention. I usually have the dishwasher blocking that door (along with the garbage.) I found it while cleaning up dust bunnies. I also found a USB drive tucked under there. That actually makes sense because the size and shape of it is close to that of a mouse. And I found a pen (Donner is responsible for that one. He loves pens.) and a couple of patches that Johanna made me – one says, “Doug” and one says, “fart”. Those kitties. They are into absolutely everything. Who knows what secret stash I’ll find next?

Good thing they’re cute maniacs.

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