Are you okay, Jason?


No. He’s sad.

Actually, he was just joshing last night when we interrupted his dinner, and this was the photo I snapped quickly. Poor Jason.  No, really, he’s okay! I think.

The last two days have been a pretty fun. Last night I went with Mike & Scott to take photos of the sunset at Stanley Park. I did okay and will post those photos tomorrow or the next day. Today I hung out with Lelainia and we made beautiful painted papers with a piece of silicone that you mix all the paint on called a Gelli Plate. It sort of works like a printing  press. I made nearly 30 papers with all sorts of textures and designs on them. They turned out pretty great. I’ll show you those tomorrow, too.

All this excitement from the past two days and Faturday has made me super sleepy. Tomorrow I’ve got to go to work for a few hours as the next portfolio show starts on Monday, so tomorrow’s set up. This month has started out pretty hectic. Thankfully I’ve got vacation time coming up the third week in July. I’m looking forward to that.

More photos tomorrow! I promise! And I think you’ll like the sunset ones. They turned out pretty funky.

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