BBQ in Squamish

This afternoon we took a now-very-short road trip up to Squamish. The Sea-to-Sky Highway up to Squamish (halfway to Whistler) was fixed right up for the Olympics and now it’s a lovely, lovely ride up there – even though people really do drive fast on that highway. JEEZ.

Anyway, we got an invite to go up to Bruce (shown above) and Kathy’s place for a BBQ. They have a great house up near The Chief with a stream running through the backyard and a bridge going over it. It’s dreamy. We went up there last year about this time.

Here’s what their yard looks like…

There’s a pagoda that takes you to the bridge – a bridge that goes over a salmon stream. We saw tiny salmon in the water below.

Here’s the bridge:

I know. Forest everywhere. That’s someone’s backyard! I think the forest is filled with imps and faeries, too. Didn’t catch a photo of any, but I think I may have heard something. Maybe.

We gobbled up burgers and barbecued salmon and baked bannock over the campfire.

Well, Mike and I had warmed up bannock dough on a stick. He got tired of holding the dough over the fire.

And the bannock dough was delish.

More photos here if you like forest-y, bbq photos.


  1. Dianne says:

    Awe…love the picture of Frankie with bbq sauce on his whiskers!! The bridge over the stream is also impressive!

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