Be Merry & a crocheted carrot

This is a real scroller!

Donner loves the carrot

A couple of days ago, I crocheted this carrot, thanks to the generosity of Johanna over in #21. We’re in #61, by the way. Anyway, back home at #61, Donner LOVES that carrot and I didn’t even put catnip in it. I guess it’s just the right size for him. And that’s a bit creepy because that carrot is way too big to be a mouse, but just the right size to be a rat. *SHUDDER*. Sadly, I know a little bit more about the size of rats from seeing them in person. EW. Especially recently. EW.

We are ringing in the New Year with pajamas and pizza in front of the TV! Hooray! And while I didn’t get a single box unpacked in my craft room, I did get the bedroom completely unpacked which means that I have NO excuse tomorrow! It must be done. Everything else is unpacked, and the house looks pretty spic and span…with nothing on the walls, which I liked until I realized today that nothing on the walls reminded me of working in group homes. I will be filling the white spaces with our photos and happy paintings.

Also, I’ve decided to hang this piece that Cynthia made for me all year round:

Be Merry. That's an order!

We can be merry all year long! Not just at Christmas.

My next post will be in 2013! And the Chinese New Year for the upcoming year is The Snake. Which, apparently, is supposed to be a good year for everyone! So I say, welcome 2013!

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