“Because it’s 2015” – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Donner helping in the kitchen.

Maybe this IS a political blog! This is the second post I’ve mentioned our new, cool, Prime Minister. Seriously. I have never been interested in Canadian politics ever, but now? I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. And we’ve been watching This Hour has 22 Minutes lately and I have been totally getting their jokes! What’s gotten into me? I have no idea.

Tonight I made some delicious, filling and tasty Wild Rice Soup. Donner kept watch from the counter across the way and he and his brother had a fine feast of all the gooey parts of the roasted chicken I didn’t put in the soup.

Oscar positioned himself near my feet so I would trip over him and also so he could easily get the scraps that happened to fall while I was peeling apart the cooked bird. Donner meowed and meowed for more treats and mostly slurped up the meat. It’s hard to eat without any teef!

Once I loaded up the dishwasher, Oscar took his space on his thrown.


He loves it up there and won’t move until the dishes have all cooled off.

So, I didn’t quite get my fabric prepared for Saturday and my mom still doesn’t have a place to sleep when she gets here next week. I will be busy these next few days – cutting fabric and putting the guest room together.

I don’t think Mom will be comfortable sleeping on piles of fabric. Also, I think I lost the iPad in my sewing room. Hopefully I will find it when I clean up that room!

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  1. Lysa Flower says:

    I don’t know, a pile of fabric could be cozy 😉

    I know what you mean, I watched the swearing in of the Prime Minister yesterday. I’ve never done that… And you know, I wasn’t even disappointed that he didn’t swear at all.

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