Birthday back up

My awesome camera is totes awesome AND I need to start cleaning out the hard drive of my lap top or else my computer is going to come to a grinding halt. The files are very, very big. So, tonight, I remembered I needed to get some birthday photos off my computer and on a DVD and in the hands of their rightful owners. Since I will be seeing Lysa this weekend (yay! Quilting Bee!) I did some edits on the birthday photos from July.

I don’t go through my photos very often, but it’s fun when I do. I found a whole set of photos of boys looking down at cake at Chris’ birthday party.

It’s the dude with the groovy glasses, patiently waiting for his piece of cake.

And there were these two brothers, eagerly awaiting their turns.


FINALLY! Dinosaur boy’s turn for cake.

Dinosaur boy was a great conversationalist. He told us all about his Grandmas – one had horses and one he called Turkey Grandma because she has turkeys or a turkey farm. Turkey Grandma sounds delicious! Speaking of which, Thanksgiving is right around the corner for us in Canada – this weekend, actually. The weekend I’ll be crafting and sewing up a storm. And I’ll top it off with turkey on Monday.

Anyway, what was I talking about again? Oh right. Birthday cake AND cupcakes:

Cupcakes with photos of Chris on them. This particular cupcake had mullet Chris on it. It’s a little shiny from the overhead lights, but you can definitely make out the mullet.

Once I get Chris’ birthday photos done, I’ve got to sort out Barbara‘s birthday photos. HER birthday was in February.


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  1. Lysa says:

    I wonder if he’ll be seeing turkey grandma this weekend!

    God I hope I’m not called turkey grandma one day! Or worse tofurkey grandma-ack! I’ve just cursed myself haven’t I!

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