BoobQuake 2010

Last week a religious leader in Iran stated something about sexy dressed women are the reason for earthquakes. WHAT? There was something in there about leading men astray and this causes the shift in the earth. Not tectonic plates, but cleavage creates colossal damage to our planet. Wanting to put this “science” to the test, Kimli put the word out for a booby party to see if we could create a big earthquake in Vancouver. According to Dr. Michio Kaku, the West Coast is past due for a big quake, so perhaps this would force the issue. And I’m pretty sure that this article started the whole BoobQuake get-togethers.

Not only was there a meet-up put together by Kimli, but there was some kind of demonstration at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Rumour has it 3 or 4 topless women showed up and about 100 men came to support the cause – some of which took off their shirts and shouted a variety of unsavory words. I guess they missed the point of the exercise.

Meanwhile, over at The Black Frog in Gastown, a whole pack of females arrived with plunging necklines – serious earthquake bait. And then an individual from the local press arrived asking if we’d feel comfortable if he took photos of us. I declined when he said the rag he works for asked him specifically for pictures of “scantily clad women”. Not that I was scantily clad – not like the lady in the tube top sitting across from me.

The heck? Another missed point? Sheesh.

Other than that creepiness, it ended up being a fun event. We got swag from the Breast Cancer Society and we passed the can for donations. It was all for a good cause. And no one was harmed in any earthquake related event. We successfully proved THE hypothesis wrong. Please, enjoy your bikinis, tank tops and spaghetti straps! We’ll all be okay!

Just for the record – I wore a V-neck. Not too much cleavage showed. I was practicing earthquake prevention measures.


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