Buffalo Bill and Sitting Bull in our dining room

Buffalo Bill & Sitting Bull

A couple of years ago, I found this framed print abandoned in amongst piles and piles of discarded office stuff in the building where I work. We were hosting a portfolio show in the “empty” space and we had to move a few things and shut a few doors before the guests came to peruse the graduates’ work. Late that night, after everyone had gone home, I spotted it and decided it didn’t count as stealing if it stayed in the same building, and I just moved it to a different floor. I grabbed it and hung it up in the Student Services/Career Services room. When I first started in that room, it was just two of us (me and Mimi), but gradually we built up to 5 people working in there. All of us enjoyed this photo and agreed it was definitely a good representation of the Fashion Design program. Beautiful menswear!  And Buffalo Bill even had embroidery on his sleeves. Incredible.

Today, when the Campus Director told me I could take it home, I jumped at the chance! Hooray! I have the perfect spot for it in our dining room. I hung it up tonight. Here it is in our house!

Side note: Mike is not as excited as I am about this new acquisition.

In the dining room

I LOVE IT! It’s perfect for Thanksgiving and a nice conversation piece whenever we have guests.

Oh no.

I think that means we need to have dinner guests sometime.

Tomorrow is my last day at work and my coworkers are throwing me a good bye party.

So, cheat meal! Hooray!

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