Cat Grass Caturday

WHAT WAS THAT?You may have noticed that I never tire of taking photos of our two kitties. But why stop? They are very photogenic. I’m sure you understand.

We found a nearby pet food store that sells pet grass – a treat the boyz surely love. We’ve been picking up a pot the last few weekends. I’ll grow some outside once it warms up – ALERT! We’ve got another snowfall warning! YES! Tonight and tomorrow! Woohoo! – ANYWAY, back to the cat grass, the kitties love it. Once they see me put it on the floor they come running.

Oscar. A still life.

I realized today that Donner comes running out of habit…but without teeth, I guess it’s not too much fun to gum cat grass. So he nibbled a little bit and left soon after. That’s okay. I gave him a treat that he really likes:


A pinch of catnip. He licks that up and rolls around on the spot where I left it.

Meanwhile, back at the cat grass, Oscar dove in face first.

Face deep!

He really digs it.


I could hear him crunching the grass stalks in the next room.

We’ve been eating grilled cheese sandwiches today while waiting for the snow to come. I was hoping to make a trip across the border tomorrow as well as hit a birthday/Oscar party. We’ll see if that happens. If it’s too snowy, I may postpone and/or reschedule.

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