Chillin’ like a villian

Two late nights in a row for us! Last night, after we enjoyed our 15th Anniversary dinner, we went to the theatre way too early for the late night show, played video games and then watched, The World’s End with Simon Pegg & Nick Frost – the same guys that did Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Good times! The World’s End was very different to these two movies…it seemed as though this movie was going to be a comedy/drama (Simon Pegg’s character was woefully pathetic) but about half way through, there was a nice little twist where it became a Science Fiction movie. I liked it a lot, but it was no Shawn of the Dead. Still, good, though. I’m glad we went.

And now…today…the long weekend has begun! I am starting it off by dropping Mike off at work tomorrow morning at 7 am. WHAT THE DEUCE? Yes. I’m getting up at 5:40 am. EW. But, this will all be worth it because Johanna, Violett, Bibby & I are all going into Abbotsford for the opening of the Willow View Farms so we can pick apples, plums and pears. That will be lovely. And I’ll be bringing my Pentax film camera as it is supposed to be sunny. I can’t believe I forgot to bring it out sooner. Summer is nearly over and I’m only just bringing out this camera now.

Speaking of film cameras, someone at work was telling me about THE FUTURE. Nikon is working on a way to create a cartridge that would go where the film goes in old film cameras, thereby turning them into DSLRs. I would love that! Imagine taking digital photos with my oldie time Brownie camera!

That would be amazing. Bring it, Nikon! DO IT!

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