Chinese New Year’s Eve

Oof. I am TIRED. This is going to be one short post. I’ll elaborate in the very near future.

1) Aberdeen Centre is a beautiful place on Chinese New Year’s Eve. There were lanterns everywhere, vendors selling all sorts of bamboo plants and Chinese decorations – all red and gold.

2) There were tiny children dressed in teensy little suits with hats that had braids down the back. Like this!


Really? How cute is that little guy? SO. CUTE.

3) There was much karaoke.

4) Sadly, the water fountain had been converted to the stage, so there was no glorious water splashes and lights tonight. SAD.

5) Happily, the Lion Dancers walked right past us! I was there with my work buddy, Mimi, and she could not believe our luck! Lion dancers! RIGHT THERE!

The lion dancers!

6) There was a local celebrity all dressed up like the God of Wealth. Mimi told me the mall loves to dress up politicians in this costume for some reason. While Dal Richards is a musician (not a politician at all) he made a fine Asian god, even if that beard and mustache would not stay in the right spot.

Dal Richards

More photos later. I am EXHAUSTED from all the activities of the day.

Chinese New Year’s Eve is tiring!

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