Circadian Rhythms

In a surprise move at the job today, I was asked if I’d consider working from 10 am to 6:30 pm. YES PLEASE! Woohoo! I start my new schedule tomorrow morning, so I celebrated tonight by going out for sushi with my buddy Iris, had some birthday cake with another pal, and then toodled off to pick up Mike for his 10:30 pick up and now I’m up way past my usual bedtime. It’s okay! I don’t have to be on the bus until 9:10 tomorrow morning. Hooray!

As my friend, Iris, put it, “That job really suits your circadian rhythm.” Boy howdy, does it ever.

Speaking of circadian rhythms, we solved the mystery of the thumping at 5:30 in the morning. One morning it was so loud, Mike thought someone was trying to break into the garage. He got up to check, but everything was safe and sound. It happened a few days in a row…and then, Mike sent me the link to this video and I put it all together.

Oscar hadn’t gotten into the full run and smash mode when we figured this out, but he was definitely bulldozing the kitty robot with his head – I had seen him doing that before. The running full throttle would be the next phase of his attack on the food dispenser, I’m sure. I’ve seen him run straight at the laundry basket and push it until it nearly tips over, so I’m pretty sure he was just in training for kitty robut bust of 2012. SO, the kitty robut has been put behind closed doors and now there’s no punching in the mornings.

Now he just rubs his paws on the closest door he can find and makes crying sounds for his breakfast. So that’s much better.

At 6:00 am.

Oscar is going to have to learn to sleep in a little bit.

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