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We had a pink sunset tonight.

We had a pink sunset tonight. This was the view from my office. Not too shabby!

For Christmas, Mike got me a FitBit – it’s a bracelet you wear and it monitors all your exercise (or lack thereof) and it can monitor your sleep and even your food (no idea how that works at all yet) and your water intake (you input that manually). One fun part of this is connecting with your pals who have FitBits as well and all day I’ve been getting updates on how much further they’ve walked than me. I especially liked getting the message that my mom was beating me in steps first thing in the morning. Come on, FitBit! My mom is in a time zone ahead of me! She’s been walking for an hour longer than me! CHEATING! Just kidding. Sour grapes on my part. And my mom walks a lot.

Someone who’s walking a lot virtually is this guy:

Fallout 4 is happening

This will be a common sight over the next few months. He’s playing a post apocalyptic game called, “Fallout 4”. The graphics are amazing. The water looks especially real. Pretty cool. He’s connected to his buddies through the game console as well. I guess they play other games together online? Because they don’t see enough of each other at work?

So, for the next few months, I will bring Mike some food and occasionally remind him it’s time to go to bed.

But he did just mention LEGO games. Oh boy. I may be sitting right next to him playing if that’s the case. And if that happens, who’s making dinner?

We will cross that bridge when we get to it.

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