Constantly cleaning up. Riveting.

I really wish I had more excitement to share at this time. But, I don’t. All I’ve been doing is cleaning and rearranging, hanging up things on the walls, and purging things. I am just driven to do this.

This does not make for interesting blogging. And I’m quite late to the Life Changing Magic of Cleaning up party – side note: I read about half that book about 6 months ago. So I get the gist. I don’t know that this has anything to with what’s happening at our house right now.

With all this focused cleaning going on, I’ve not been doing much sewing. I’m a little bit stuck on that front, but I have some plans to overcome this. Same on the photography front. I’m in a ditch right now with that, too.

I’m counting on the cats to help me with this.

Today, Donner and I hung out for a bit:

Me & Donner

Then, I went through some books and magazines in my sewing room. And I hung up this Christmas present on a wooden hanger:

I love this tea towel so much.

I love that tea towel so much, I couldn’t bear it to just be a day to day tea towel with the others in the kitchen. LOVE.

THEN, I sewed just over 2 inches.

The Quality Assurance Cat approves

Quality Assurance Cat approves of this tiny quilt block.

I have to make 7 more of those Flying Geese blocks, sew them together and I’ll have 3 inches in total for my quilt. And, oh boy. On that front? I am like 3 weeks behind on my block of the day project. My inbox overfloweth with instructions. HEH.

Then, I sat on the couch and watched movies with Mike and Donner slept on my lap after such a hard day!

Sleepy head, Donner.

I think tomorrow will be more of the same, but with laundry!

Sunday is sheet changing day!

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