Contraband in the freezer.

Did you know to do this? If you get yarn from a place unknown, it’s a good idea to put the yarn in the freezer just in case there are moths in the yarn. I learned this today from Leah, my friend and AVID knitter. She knits up some mean socks. The tinier the knitting needles, the better she likes to knit with them.

Leah was given some boxes of yarn from someone who was instructed to throw them out. Imagine her surprise when she opened up the boxes to find big cones of yarn. Let’s just say her freezer is full! I know someone who stored her nail polish in the fridge, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen yarn in the freezer. Lucky for me, she asked if I was interested in sharing in the frozen yarn and I selected a cone of blue cotton. I’ll make some dishcloths out of mine. Thank you, Leah! I think you’ll be getting a smart dishcloth in the near future!

Yarn out in the open at the Brownes is still not practiced. Young Donner has been known to chew on anything string-like. Therefore, I’ve replaced the string curtains with regular panel curtains. Yes. We had curtains made of hundreds of strings instead of fabric. I know that sounds really bad after the incident with Oscar.

Leah also shared something else I’ve never tried before today – cold soup. It was delish – cold bean soup with lots of chives. I looked it up, it’s considered a summer soup. A summer soup? I think I need to look into more summer soups. Let me ask Mike what he thinks about summer soups.

One moment please.

Funny. No response – just a bit of blinking.

Summer soups, here I come!


  1. Denise says:

    Well that Leah sounds like a very smart lady! Very interesting!

    Can’t wait to see what you make with your cone. And the soups sound lovely!

  2. Leah says:

    I guess you guys haven’t had gelled consume either? I have only read about it. Make consume (properly with beef bones). Refrigerate. (It will jell.) Cut into cubes. Serve in consume bowls.

    It will be a pass this summer. Other cold soups are in my future though.

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