Crystal and watches

That’s what you’re supposed to give on your 15th wedding anniversary. And who’s celebrating their 15 year wedding anniversary on Thursday (tomorrow)? Me & Mike Browne! That’s who!

Here we were 15 years ago.

The whole gang

We had a small wedding in Nova Scotia with the reception at Mike’s parents’ cabin just outside of Bridgewater. It was a fun day – especially after the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm. We all got rained on a little bit.

It’s hard to believe those little girls up front are all grown up now. And how do we stay so young? I have no idea!

We were married before digital cameras were common – it’s hard to imagine that now – so all our photos are film. We have the negatives and everything!

Negatives of this fabulous photo of us:

A little Vaseline around the lens

The old, Vaseline Around The Lens trick. It’s a good look – especially when applied to Liz Taylor’s face.

And, my very favourite of all our wedding photos! This one!

My favourite!

We did it! And we went through with it even though I was about…20 minutes late. That’s because my family got lost on the way to the church. Thankfully, we found a coffee shop with a police car out front and had a police escort take us to the church. Mike’s mom was so impressed when we rolled up behind the cop car. It was a glorious day!

We’ll celebrate with dinner tomorrow (or today..depends on where you live when you read this). No crystal. No watches. Just steak and veggies.

Happy Anniversary to us.



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