Day trip! Road trip!


Today we hopped in the car on a sunny day and hit road for a sunny, Sunday drive. I was determined to get to The Big Yellow Barn to get some fresh veggies and fruit. It had to be done. It’s been a few years since we’ve been out that way during harvest season. So, Mike loaded up his phone with true crime podcasts and we hit the open road.

Today’s adventure made me realize:

  1. After today’s particularly gruesome detailed podcast about a horrific murderer, I think I’m done with the whole true crime thing. I am no longer interested in those kinds of details. I just wanted to come home and hug and kiss the kitties. So I did when we got home.
  2. $25 is a lot for a jar of homemade pickles. Next summer I’ll can my own as well as make my own jam. I have all the gear. I’ll just not be lazy next summer.
  3. Sometimes diners have bad days. And that has an impact on the taste of their pies. Which is too bad. I wanted to love the pie. I also dropped my phone right in my pie while taking a photo, so that may have influenced my enjoyment of said pie. Anyway, not the best pie day and I’ll leave it at that.
  4. We found some llamas on the way home! Yay! They were lovely to see. So we braved the busy Parallel Road and took their photos.

So it was a weird day, I guess. But it was a sunny day and we got to breathe some country air, and get some fresh from the ground potatoes and carrots, so I’ll focus on those things instead. Oh. And these guys:

Pumpkin faces!

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