After a tough day at the office, there’s nothing like giving a much appreciated belly scratch to Sharon’s dog. He is always happy to see you, and extra happy if you happen to have treats. Sharon rescued him a couple of years ago and he’s been living the good life ever since.

I won’t go into too much detail about making mistakes on the job (Yup. More than one! In one day!), but the bright side is it was a good day to make them. I’ll leave it at that. Instead, I can tell you one funny thing that happened at work last week – someone changed all the instructions on the photocopiers from English to Spanish. That was fun for a few minutes. Someone figured out how to turn them back to English pretty quickly, so we only had uno, dos, tres fotocopias for a little while. The last week of classes can be pretty exciting.

In other news, there seems to be no other news. Just a lovely sunset tonight and I believe today was 100% sunny. Not a drop of rain in sight.

Summer has arrived.

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