Did someone say, “bacon”?

Is that bacon?

Monday is a late night for me, so dinner is always quick and easy. Tonight? Bacon and eggs. And once the bacon started cooking up, the cats could not contain themselves. They were very intrigued by the cooking smells this evening and I had to keep taking them off the counter…first Oscar…then Donner…and Oscar flanked around the back and then I had to get him off the counter. Meanwhile, Donner hopped up on top of the fridge. I was fending off both the Smashy Brothers while trying to keep the scrambled eggs from getting overdone.

I read somewhere that cats are wired to have tenacity and perseverance. You know how hard it is to catch a mouse or a rat? Well, not very hard if you’re a garage door. One time we lived in a house with an automatic garage door opener (and closer). This particular time, as the door came up, we could hear some squeaking. I thought there was a bird in the garage – I just couldn’t see it. However, when the door closed, it got caught on something. And I saw something fly out the side of the door. OOF. Turned out the garage had rats and one go squished in the door. OOPS.

Thank goodness we don’t live there anymore.

Anyway, vermin are usually much more difficult to catch in the wild, hence the need for the cats to hang in there when hunting.

I think the frying pan of cooking bacon was their garage door opener.

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