Bird of ParadiseBird of Paradise – a gift from Bonny

Let’s just say that today was a bust as far as getting outside and using our new iphone lenses. Bah. SO, I resorted to taking photos in the house and in the skytrain station just like I said I wouldn’t do.

Happily, the photos turned out okay, but these are mostly experimental. I believe this violates the photography rule about only posting your very best photos. But, what the heck. They can’t all be winners, right Bad Santa?


The photo above combines a gift from my buddy, Bonny, the macro lens AND hipstamatic. I like this combination very much.

Moving on to the Super Wide Angle, I snagged these photos in the general Skytrain area. First…

Skytrain hallway…these are my feet and pants in the skytrain hallway. This is a bit abstract and the focus is all wrong, but I do like the roundness of it.

Up the steep elevatorI do like this escalator photo a lot. It’s very Science Fiction. I also don’t mind the graininess of it. I usually don’t like a lot of grain in my photos, but in this case, it’s okay. It’s a little bit Blade Runner-ish to me.

Mike on the skytrainI do like how this photo turned out. Mike is in focus – which was dumb luck. I have since figured out how to get things in focus! Hooray! That helps a lot.

But another reason why I like this photos is that it looks like Mike is in either a space ship or a Smart Car.

Beep! Beep!

In other news…long weekend coming up in a few days! YAHOO!

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