Double exposures

I’ve been no a real streak of fun, lovely, and happy adventures lately. I attended Vivienne‘s demo today where she shared her Polaroids and showed us how she tricked the cameras into making double exposures. All that means is that you take two photos in one frame. The results are dreamy, overexposed and a bit ghostly. This is my favourite double exposure I made today.

That’s the Woodwards Condo building mixed with some graffiti from a nearby alley.

Vivienne also let us use a Polaroid with some black and white film. I’ve never used that before. I gave it a whirl. I liked the results, but I somehow made the photos underexposed, so all my photos came out very dark.

Are they chairs? Or is this art? It’s chairs, double exposed. I like how it turned out. I think it turned out dark because I took this inside. But I can’t explain why this one turned out so dark.

Graffiti in the dark? Or in the shade, I guess.

I also learned how I can turn my digital camera into, well, basically, a pinhole camera, which is cool and ridiculous at the same time. I didn’t try too many of those photos today, the Polaroids were way too much fun. I’ll try those photos with my own camera later.

After the demo was over, Lelainia and I roamed the nearby alley and I took two photos to mix together on Photoshop once I got home.

This isn’t a real double exposure, but 2 photos layered on top of each other. But I’ll remember to use this technique more often! It’s fun!

And here I am in ghostly, double exposure Polaroid style.

Booo! I make a spooky, smiley ghost!


  1. Lelainia Lloyd says:

    It was good fun. I’ll be posting mine tomorrow. I am so glad you came with me!

    Real friends don’t hesitate to say YES! when you ask if they will come with you to shoot photos in a filty alley. *grins*

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