Feels like Friday

This way!

I usually prefer colour photos, but decided to try something different today. I used a photo I took today at lunch and used this tutorial to make things look a little sharper and stuff. Not too exciting, but I do like the arrow pointing left and all the different signs.

I thought the couch and the TV were going to be my best friends this evening. Instead, I somehow got a second wind and went through last week’s quilting bee photos. Happily, I found some photos of my pals I forgot I had taken. But, there’s no way I’m turning them to black and white. The colours are necessary.

Helen's clog!

This is one of Helen’s shoes – the knitted print clog. These shoes are so cute. And Helen’s pretty cool, too. I’ll get a nice portrait of her next time…actually I think I could do that this Saturday at the sew-in. I’ll put that on my to-do list for the weekend.

Others in attendance?


Lysa, with her quilting pieces when sewn together will look like trees in the forest. Cynthia (in the centre) with her newest fabric designs – all Christmas! Reindeers & ornaments in an assortment of colours. We weren’t able to show them up close yet on the internets. However, in this context, it was okay to take the photo! Woohoo! Yes. I will be getting some of those prints. Yippee!

And to wrap up – Lysa and Ellen not having any fun at all.

You can see all the quilty photos from last week here.

Please note: almost all of the quilts shown at last week’s meeting were done by Paul. He can’t stop himself – he’s a quilting machine.

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