Felicity’s trunk show


First of all, not only is Felicity a delightful quilter, she’s absolutely adorable. Just look at her! CUTE!

Second of all, what the heck is a trunk show, anyway? I have heard this term before, but never asked google what it meant. Felicity started her talk with, “This is my first trunk show”, and I thought, “I’m at a trunk show? Yay!”.

I just tried looking it up…there’s no clear definition of a Quilting Trunk Show – but according to this website, it’s a collection of quilts put on display. That’s just what she did. I’ll show you all the quilts later…she makes beautiful ones AND she makes smaller ones and hand stitched ones! I was so glad to hear and see this. I have yet to finish a big quilt, and I love to make smaller projects.

She made this beautiful paper pieced pillow.

Paper pieced cranes.

They are paper pieced origami style cranes. How beautiful is that? She was the pattern tester for the person who designed it.

I took a lot of photos tonight – there were a lot of Show & Tell items. But it’s late in the night now, and I think it’s best I stick with my favourite portraits tonight and sort through the quilt photos later. This is Lysa with her “nicker bag”.

The nicker bag!

HA! I love her expression and the fact that her “nicker bag” is shaped just like a bum! It’s a pouch for your underpants while you’re traveling. Berene of Happy Sew Lucky made this for Lysa and she calls them nickers. She can’t help it. She’s from South Africa.

And…one more portrait of the night. Yours truly.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I won the draw for the gift card for Steam Trunk Craft Works!

Would it have killed me to drag a comb through my hair? JEEZ.

Photo taken by Lysa! Thanks to Lysa for capturing the moment.

More quilty photos to come!

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