Tulips already!

Woohoo! Today I got flowers! YES! And delicious Mexican lunch in New Westminster! My buddy, Viki, took me for lunch to Taqueria Playa Tropical. I will go back there again! I had enchiladas with the green sauce (not the red sauce) and it was SO. GOOD. I don’t think we have to cross the border now to have great Mexican food. This place was great.

The job hunt continues and this is why I don’t really want to blog these days. has become my new Facebook. Yup. I am applying and applying and have a job interview this week, so the hunt continues and that’s all I want to say about that. For now. I think I had better come up with a theme or a word a day thing so I have a nice distraction from the, “today in looking for a job…”. I’ll find some sort of task of the day to do for the next little while. Yah. That will help! I do like to do daily updates, keep using my photo skills and writing stuff. I just need a different focus for the next little while.

Another LEGO advent calendar? HEH. Count down to spring? Hmmm…How many Christmas cards have I sent out? Valentine cards? There’s plenty to do.

I’ll figure out something.

Thinking Cap is on and I’m off to do a google search next!

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