Getting ready


Meanwhile, back in Squamish with Doug (shown above), I took some photos while everything was abuzz with wedding preparations. Chairs were being put out, tables set, rose petals were strewn about, punch bowls getting filled up and people were all atwitter with excitement! Like Kathy, poking her head out the window, after a shower, when I just happened to be there:

The blushing bride. I love this one.

Aww! The blushing bride! I’m sure she was happy I was in the right place at the right time for this.

There was also a lot of “in and out” of the master bedroom while both the groom and the bride got ready. The door had to be closed each and every time, so I got photos of people IN the bedroom just before the door closed, like Bruce:

Bruce getting ready!

Oops. Time to shut the door.

Here’s one of the many Mikes at the wedding, peeking in, but having the door shut rather abruptly once his task was finished:

Also named Mike

Frankie just hung out on the bed during all the excitement. He really didn’t want to get involved in any shenanigans. He mostly laid on the bed, I guess to keep cool, and just to stay out of the way.

Frankie! Awww!

Also, once your fancy bow tie is on, what else do you need to do? Nothing. That’s what.

And…one more for a good time:

Oh hai Jacoby!

This is Jacoby – he was doing all sorts of set up and preparation for the wedding. He is a lovely, fun fellow, which you will see in future photos. AND he sat on a tiny chopper motorcycle with a lawnmower engine.

I’ll show you that later.

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