Going on an adventure

Going on safari...for scaryEver since my sister sent me the scanned in family photos, I have not been able to stop thinking about this photo. My dad took it – it could have been on any of a few of his trips (he went the first time with a work pal – Mr. Parker, in the brown hat) in the 80’s and loved it so much, he took my mom, sister & I to meet the Swifts and stay on their farm. I was an enormous farm. I believe they owned 33,000 acres at the time. Sadly, they own it no more. We were very lucky to have been there when it was a fairly peaceful time in the country’s history. Mr. Parker also loved Zimbabwe and he joined us a few times on our trips over.

These four men were on a serious mission – the rifles say it all. Suffice to say they brought us home dinner. I’ll leave it at that.

No I won’t.

Those warthogs were delicious.

While Mike & I aren’t going on an African adventure any time soon, we will be going on a mini adventure to a Haunted House in the neighbourhood. Actually, I haunted nursery in Surrey. Really. It’s called Potter’s Haunted House in Surrey. We’re going with the He-Man-Ways tomorrow night without the kiddy winkies. I think they would be a little bit too scared, although Bibby assured me the other night, “Me love scary!”. How scary will this be? Johanna told me it’s good and scary, but, COME ON! Is it as scary as the Haunted House in Disneyland? NEVER! I will find out tomorrow and report back to you.

And speaking of Halloween, I dug this out of the family archives!

Look! I'm a clown!Ahh…look! I’m a clown! My mom made this costume. I remember it! She made those big pom-poms, too.

And my sister was wearing her Grumpy Baby costume!

Let’s have a closer look, shall we!

She's pretty sour looking.


I can’t thank her enough for sending me these family photos.

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