Good Friday

Tulip Town was a bust today after a lovely and leisurely morning. We hopped in the car at 11:30 or so and got to the 3 hour line up at the border. I did consider sitting there with the car running for 3 hours straight so we could get to the tulip field around 4:30 in the pouring rain. I really did. I thought that may be a fun adventure and I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be too many people getting in the way of the flowers. Mike was sort of game, but not really. In the end, we opted to go home, watch The Blind Side and try again later during this very long weekend of ours. I feel like we need to go soon, though. The tulips have been blooming since late last month, so I don’t want to wait too much longer.

On another note, and much to my surprise, I enjoyed The Blind Side. I’m usually not up for the whole sappy we’re-here-to-make-you-cry-on-purpose movie, but this one is a feel-good, based on a true story movie and it was nice to see the triumph of the human spirit. It’s a great rainy day movie. I’m sure the Academy Awards judges would agree with me. Heh.

Meanwhile, over the last week, my mom and sister have been uploading all kinds of family photos from the family photo album. They are killing me. The one above is one of my mom and her sisters – my mom’s the one in the great cat eye glasses. I will be making a Jack-o-lantern just like this one for Halloween 2010. I love those teeth.

And just in case you’re not a friend with me on facebook, here’s a picture of me and my sister in our crocheted bathing suits –

I believe this photo was taken in the late 70’s – I’m pretty sure my Aunt Susan made us those suits. And just because I rarely get to say this – I’m the tall one in this photo.



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