Guess who’s back?

Mike made it home all in one piece with plenty of treats! Including a few t-shirts.

Look out! The lobster’s coming to get you!

He also visited a candy store and picked up a bag full of candies like Swedish Fish, candy corns, and other gummy candies in the shape of brains. Delicious.

He also brought two bags filled with patches from when he was a boy scout…

These are going to look great on the t-shirt quilt – especially this piece right here:

His whole Boy Scout sash, still intact!

At this rate, this quilt top is going to sew up pretty quickly – there are plenty of large pieces already AND there’s more to go. I’ll be working on it this week. On my honour.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Glad to hear Mike made it back to you and the kittehs, safe and somewhat sound!! He will probably want another week off just to rest!! 🙂

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