Halloween is serious business

Seriously.I dug this out of the archives. It wasn’t a Halloween costume, but it could have been. It was a costume that my mom made for me when I was a Munchkin for the Wizard of Oz in 7th grade. My poor mom had to sew a hula hoop inside this costume.

C@thy's dressed up like a soccer player

That’s my sister dressed up just like a soccer player. Not sure what we’re doing here, but, hey, good times in the hula hoop Munchin costume.

In other news, there is no news. I am completely blank for content at the moment. Doug is good, Malcolm came for a visit tonight and we watched a documentary about Return of the Living Dead,

Hanging out in the living room.

There was more fog today. I forgot to mention that.


And there was some pretend punching on the couch.

Speaking of which, our little livingroom is kind of full with a great big couch and an ever bigger TV. It may be time to start looking for a sectional couch…but a low seating, Arab style “couch” like this. These couches are awesome, in fact, they look more like great big pillows on a platform. And we could sit quite a few people on a set up like that. Our lack of seating in the living room is one reason why we’ve not had an open house yet. Where’s everyone going to sit?

It’s a work in progress. Very slow, slow progress.

Is it Faturday yet?

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