Happy Tulip Easter Eggs

I’m not sure of their real name, but I call these the Happy Easter Egg Tulips. I think naming tulips could be as much fun as naming eyeshadow or nail polish.

Along with editing more tulip photos today, we’ll be heading over to Langley for a little Easter dinner – always a good time and good eats.

I think it’s also important (as well as not really being related to tulips) to let you all know that since taking Donner to the vet earlier this week, and since he’s been taking his antibiotics, he’s been feeling MUCH better. His hooligan status has increased about 80% and he has earned himself a new nick-name – Donner the Dive Bomber. Oscar is able to keep up with him, and there’s been plenty of kitty wrastlin’, the sounds of cats running around the house and even some kitty shrieks which Mike has assured me is not the sounds of anyone getting hurt, they are just playing.

Donner woke me up this morning by running across my head while I was laying in the bed. I guess he had to get away from Oscar, and my face seemed to be on route out.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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