Happy Year of the Goat or Sheep or Ram*

Teensy sheep

I forgot I had this teensy sheep in my china cabinet. This little guy was picked up many moons ago at a store we used to frequent in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The shop was nick named, “The Waterford Crystal & LEGO Store” because, well, that’s what they sold. Something for everyone! That was a good gimmick because lots of people shopped there. So this little crystal sheep will be out for the year. This is his (or her) year!

Not washing my hair today for festive reasons really paid off. I also wore my red dress, red jacket and red scarf – more red pieces of clothing than any of my Chinese coworkers. They were impressed! On my way to the office, I snapped this lucky shot of Oscar peeking out the window.

See ya! Donner! Let's party!

Aww! Bye Oscar! See you tonight!

Worky work went very well (grads found jobs!) and I got plenty of things done. I had a very productive day.

On the way home (with Mike, his schedule matched mine today) we stopped off at the friendly neighbourhood thrift store and found THIS!

Sombrero time!

YES! Score! Sombrero time at the Brownes’. This is going to come in handy. For something.

I found this cool wooden box filled with chopsticks and duck chopstick holders.

chopsticks with duck holders. AWW!

Perfect for the season.

So, that was my first day of the Goat. It started off lovely. I hope it stays like this for awhile.

*Apparently the translation for the word, “goat” in Chinese could also include the animals we call sheep and the ram. I do love baby goats and sheep, so I’m going to go with that. Actually, the ram is fine, too.

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