Havoc wins. Sorry, Bladezillas

On the bench!

Even though I got the game a little late – I may or may not have not gotten lost trying to get to Planet (not-stinky) Ice tonight – I took A LOT of photos. I decided my theme in shooting the game tonight would be, “action”. I’m not sure if this is how the professionals do it, but I took many photos in the hopes of getting some clear, blurry-on-purpose-to-show-action type of photos. I also worked on my timing, trying to anticipate some good activity just before it happened. I read that somewhere about sports photography, once you see the activity, it’s too late! Missed it!

Bladezillas VS Havoc

168 edited photos later (out of an original 478) and I’m finished!

Bladezillas VS Havoc

My favourite action photos include one where you can clearly see the puck and people getting their jerseys grabbed. Heh.

Bladezillas VS Havoc

There’s also the penalty box photos. 2 minutes for looking so good, guys!

In the box. You feel shame.

Even though the game was exciting, well-fought, and full of action, I got a little distracted taking this portrait of Jason:

In the zone.

And completely missed the game’s only penalty shot. Whoops. My only defense is that there was no one announcing, so I had no idea what was happening? According to Mike, this is not a defense at all. In fact, I feel like that excuse is a bit lame. Hopefully I’ll get the next penalty shot? Here’s hoping!

If you enjoy beer league hockey action shots, please feel free to browse the photos in my huge flickr set here.

Happy hockey, everyone! And the score? It doesn’t matter. Bladezillas only lost by 1.

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