*Hearts* shopping at the Sechelt Dump!


Denise loves shopping at the Sechelt Dump. And she doesn’t care who knows it! She’s thrifty and loves to make beautiful things out of other people’s junk. I won’t go so far as to say that their “garbage” because she finds great things that other people have given up on, and then she makes them into pretty things for her home. Like this chair she bought for a DOLLAR!

That chair cost one dollar

I knew this about her already – we’ve been friends for a long time – but today she gave a talk at the BC Craft Council event at the Vancouver Public Library where she told the world about her upcycling! And she gave us presents and cookies. NICE! I didn’t know about the BCCC until tonight. They put on small events once a month at the library and tonight’s topic was, “Craft, The Environment & Our Community.”.

There were several speakers, one of which is a basket weaver. That phrase, “basket weaving” reminded me of something people used to say about going to university, “to take basket weaving”. It was a negative thing…like, “What will you be taking? Basket Weaving? Or Rocks for Jocks?” Please note: I took Rocks for Jocks and failed it – which didn’t impress my dad, the geophysicist. I should be so lucky to have taken Basket Weaving. Look at the beautiful baskets Joan Carrigan made from all sorts of plants – cedar, willow, sedges, and roots.


ANYWAY! This was a lovely event. I’m glad I went.I love thrift stores!
Another well known fact, Denise is an excellent thrifter. She finds all sorts of good things to decorate her wall with – especially teak! She always finds the teak!

See all the things she paints, sands, and recovers at her website, Thrifty By Design.


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