Hippo birdie two me!

My birthday’s not until next month, but since Mike will be off gallivanting in Nova Scotia, he gave me my birthday present today! At the camera shop! A new portrait lens – a 50 mm with auto focus. DREAMY. I have been wanting this lens for ages. Woohoo! Here’s my first photo – Mike at the camera store.

You know what this means! Time to take it out for a spin on everyone in the family. Mike, Oscar and Donner all agreed to pose and cooperate. In fact, everyone was excited about this photoshoot!

I like how Oscar’s eye is closed like a pirate – even if his open eye is not in focus.

As you can see…

Oscar loves to get his photo taken.

Here is Donner’s one and only photo. He was very accommodating.

Ouch. Claws. Arm.

There will be plenty more of photos like these this weekend. I’m on a new-lens-photo-taking frenzy!


  1. Pookie says:

    Happy Early Birthday!!!! What a fantastic present! I adore the 50mm (in fact, I was using it for the first in a while this morning and thought, “I love you, 50mm — why do I not use you all the time?!”) and I love your portraits, so I can’t wait to see those two worlds collide! 😀

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