Hippy deodorant

Patchouli. You asked for it.

Mike mentioned a few times that he would really like to put patchouli in the diffuser. SNORT. Really? OH GOD. I think not. But he is adamant that he loves this this smelly plant. So, in an a, “be careful what you ask for” way, I picked some up today from a fancy essential oil company on Robson Street. I haven’t been on Robson in ages and lots has changed. The fancy store had 3 diffusors outside, so I could smell the essential oils all the way down the street. They served me tea and an immune strengthening oil thing that you rub on your forehead and under your nose. Actually, the girl that served me tea in the store put the oil on my face with a roller.

I felt relaxed. I should drink herbal tea every day. I think that every time I drink it. And smell lovely things all the time!

ANYWAY, I picked up the patchouli (GAG) and brought it home. I’ve not put it in the diffusor yet. I’ll save that for just before bed. I checked to see the benefits of using patchouli and found that it:

  1. makes a good deodorant (SNORT).
  2. repels bugs – yup. That makes sense. Even the bugs don’t like the smell.
  3. is eaten in some places – like a vegetable. EW.

I’ll be putting the teeniest bit in the diffusor tonight. It’s supposed to help relax and give you a good night’s sleep.

We’ll see about that.


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