Home sweet home

Welcome home!

I am not guilty of getting things done quickly. It’s already the middle of the year and I’m pretty sure this is the only thing I have quilted and completed. I have got to get back on my machine! Time is just slipping away from me.

I hung up the 5 Cats wallhanging thanks to a little curtain rod I found at the Dollar Store.

Home sweet home!

The rod is a bit on the cheap side, but it will do for now. I think I’ll find a way to weigh down the bottom (Mike’s suggestion) so it hangs a little straighter. All that aside, it’s got a spot on the wall. We are slowly (very slowly) putting things on the walls around here. Just imagine how the walls will look in 2 more years! There might be two more things on the walls. Yah!

Honey, I'm home.

I hung up the wall hanging, did some laundry and made some dinner (crustless quiche) all before Mike got home from work tonight. I’ve been getting things done in the evenings now that my work day ends at 5 pm. And only 2 more sleeps until Faturday. I am READY.

Now it’s time for more Orange is the New Black. I think we’re about halfway through.

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